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Car Rental Warsaw - Airport

(Okęcie, Modlin)

Why is the car rental company becoming such a popular business? People increasingly value comfort, safety and luxury. No wonder that car rental is a dynamically developing industry. How to rent a vehicle cheaply in Warsaw?

Car rental - how to use our services?

The first step we need to take is to check whether the vehicle will be operational during our stay in Warsaw. To make a reservation, check its availability within a specified time (by e-mail or by phone). Then we can indicate the model of the car that we are interested in. A rental employee will inform us about its availability and present the company's price list.

Once we have chosen a specific car and we have specified the date of its use, the employee of the company will pick up the vehicle we have chosen for the pre-arranged place. Before a rented car goes "into our hands" a contract must be signed, describing the general conditions of use, as well as a protocol that describes the condition of the vehicle before operation (eg fuel quantity) to be able to compare it with the condition after use by the customer. To sign a car rental contract, you will need the following documents: customer ID card, driving license as well as a credit or debit card (the employee must make copies of them). Completing the formalities will not take more than a quarter of an hour.

Wypożyczalnia samochodów Carent Warszawa   Wynajem samochodów Warszawa lotnisko

In the event of any problems and faults that arose while using the car, the customer can count on the help of our employees. Car Rental Carent Warsaw-Modlin provides all users of their cars with round-the-clock assistance throughout the week. During the service, the client is supported by our rental staff both in technical and legal matters.

We offer rental at competitive prices. Our fleet has many vehicles, so customers can choose from numerous models - from classic cars to more exclusive models. We do not have vehicles that are not damaged, damaged or with hidden defects. Our offer includes compact cars from the middle and upper class, which are equipped with full automation, air conditioning, radio and insurance: OC, AC, NNW.

Sprawdzenie dostępności i rezerwacja

Checking availability and booking To use the selected car, you must book it in advance by phone or email: tel: 500 600 702; mail:

After choosing the car and the date of rental, please contact our employee so that he can confirm the reservation and present the offer. There is no advance payment during booking.

We provide technical assistance and care while using cars from CaRent24 rental. You can contact our office 24 hours a day.

How to return the vehicle?

The return takes place on a specific day and place indicated by the client. The employee arrives to the agreed place to pick up the car, check the condition of the vehicle, fuel and complete all formalities, ie sign the delivery and acceptance report

Building a professional car fleet is a specialty of our car rental in Warsaw - the most important is the comfort and safety of customers!

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